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[EN] Server's RULES

Message par serialkiller520 le 25/3/2016, 11:40

/!\ This rules could be modified at any time without notifications, It is higly adviced to regularly check this section. Any infringement to the rules will lead to a sanction as your are responsible for your gameplay/!\

Generals :

• First of all, had a micro is strongly recommended in order to avoid ingame problems.

• Even if it is not compulsory Teamspeak 3 will be helpfull in finding mates, asking help or talk to Admins.

Our Teamspeak is divided into several part and a complete one is dedicated to Hurtworld.

• Any stuff loses due to, a bug or a kill, won't be taken in account by server's admins and no refund will be done.

• Trolling, harassment, offends or any harmful behaviour will be condemned.


- Strictly forbidden to kill several times the same player with a vehicle.


- Forbidden to kill newcomer or naked people near the spawn.
- No any use of bug/exploit or hack is allowed (except bunny hope) !


- If you have acces to the stake, you can destroy 1 or 2 walls in order to access chest and others stuffs but it is strictly forbidden to deliberatly destroy bases for your pleasure!
After taking ownership of a base you MUST wait 24H before starting to destroy it completely.
- No camping face to ennemy's bases during hours and hours ! (30 min will be tolerated)
- Raiding Arenas is strictly forbidden too !


- No bridge from the sky and going nowhere.
- Build in spawn is forbidden.
- Houses doesn't fly! It's called reality and you must respect reality ingame. Any flying house, bases or anything else could be destroyed at any moment without notifications by an admin !


Read and approve these rules by answering this post with your ingame pseudo.



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